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Brightspace Student Support Videos

Student Support Videos

Quick tutorial videos to help students navigate through the Brightspace Platform

Getting Started with K-9 Out-of-School Learning

Welcome to K-9 Out-of-School Learning (OSL)! This is a quick tips checklist to help you get started. Please be sure to complete this checklist upon entering OSL. If you have any questions, please contact the General Office at 780-449-5881. 

Getting Started with K-9 Out-of-School Learning

Logging into Microsoft Teams Meets

All students in Grades 4-9 are required to log in for Microsoft Teams Meets. Attendance for Teams Meets is still optional, however if students choose to attend the online instructional meets, they will need to log in using their EIPS usernames and passwords.

Microsoft 365 usernames and passwords are the same as students’ EIPS usernames and passwords. Adding this feature enhances the security of the Meets and ensures only those students who should participate are able to do so. Please watch this quick video that demonstrates how to log in to Microsoft 365 prior to joining a Microsoft Teams Meet.

How to log into a Microsoft 365 Teams Meet

Getting Started with the Brightspace Portfolio

Out-of-school learning students use the Brightspace portfolio tool to build their evidence of learning collection. 

The evidence of learning collection will be used to support a student who may choose to transition from out-of-school learning to in-school learning. The collection will be a source of information for students to share with the home school teacher when they return to in-school learning this year or next. 

Teachers will provide direction and suggestions to students regarding what types of items students should include in their evidence of learning collection. 

This resource includes instructional videos to support students as they use the Brightspace Portfolio Tool.

Getting Started with the Brightspace Portfolio

Brightspace: Parent FAQs

This document addresses common questions and troubleshooting solutions for Brightspace.

Brightspace: Parent FAQs