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What’s New for June 14-19

Final Out-of-School Learning Program Event

The Out-of-School teachers are willing to bet that there have been many times this year students have been frustrated with online learning! Maybe they couldn’t log onto Teams. Perhaps had trouble uploading to Brightspace. Or maybe there were even just days that they’d had enough! 

Well, now is their chance to get revenge! Many of our Out-of-School learning teachers have volunteered to be contestants in the Pie in the Face Contest. 

Students can vote for a teacher they’d like to see have a pie thrown in their face by June 16. The top five Out-of-School teachers chosen will deal with the messy consequences! Videos of the pie throws will be shared to Brightspace so all students can witness the event. To enter the contest, students can access the voting ballot through a link shared in Brightspace by their teachers. 

Reminder Supporting the Transition to In-School Learning for 2021-22

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to complete the optional Supporting the Transition to In-School Learning 2021-22 PowerSchool form, I encourage you to do so. This form will allow you to provide information about your child as a learner as well as hopes and concerns you have for their return to in-school learning with next year’s school. The form, accessed through the PowerSchool Portal, closes June 16.

Summer Access to Brightspace Courses

Students in K-9 Out-of-School Learning will continue to have access to their Brightspace courses throughout the summer. While teachers will not be available to provide support or assess work, students and families will be able to access the learning packs and resources for their own use if they so choose.

Learning Pack Availability

All English Learning Pack 36s and French Immersion Learning Pack 35s for the week of June 14 - 18 will be posted to Brightspace by Friday, June 11, 2021.

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